“Discover How A 65 Year Old Betting System Won Me £200 on Greyhound Racing The First Time I Used It!”



Dear Betting Enthusiast,


Sometimes, the best things in life are the simplest.


If you have ever tried your hand at winning money with greyhounds, you can appreciate just how tricky it can be.


You can spend an evening at the track or online and come away with nothing to show for it.


Other nights you can walk in with a bit of money and get lucky, to the extent that you end up walking out with huge amounts of cash.


Why is it so fickle?


Why does greyhound betting treat people so badly?


I pondered these questions for years.


For years I kept on having some good nights, but a lot more nights that were close to desperate.


I lost a lot of money, and I seemed never to learn my lesson.



Why I kept going wrong…


For all those years, I didn’t recognize the simplicity of the whole thing.


Greyhound racing is definitely not rocket science, and it certainly does not involve complex systems that pretend to have been developed by the ancient Egyptians or whatever.


Instead, greyhound racing can be broken down into just a few guidelines that if followed, help you to get that winning streak you always wanted.


These guidelines allow you to make sure that when you visit the track; you automatically discount dogs that are not going to make you money.


Imagine that, being able to go to a track and cancel out the dogs that are definitely not going to place in the race.


Imagine being able to do that immediately as son as you reach the track.


Perhaps you visit the track with friends.


Their faces will be incredulous when you actually manage to win, time after time.


They will be mystified, completely flummoxed, when you pull off win after win.


Or, if you go on your own, imagine the looks on the faces of the bookies as you take their money, time and time again.



Interested? Well, read on…


How are you with rules?


Perhaps the last real time you had to deal with a lot of rules was back when you were in school.


Or maybe you work in an environment now where rules are absolutely paramount.


Rules are important in a number of disciplines, notably Science and Mathematics.


If rules are not followed in these two fields then the desired outcomes are not reached, and the work is not done.


Mathematicians and scientists love rules, because they know that there is always a law of cause and effect present in everything to do with their disciplines.


Cause and effect is simple. It is clear.


If you open a window, air enters the room.


If you push your foot down on the accelerator, the car goes faster.


And if you follow a certain technique in greyhound betting, you will win.


Cause and effect is a big part of the system I am here to tell you about.



The 1952 Greyhound System


I was lucky to find this.


For sixty years, it had been hidden from the eyes of men.


I found it one day while pottering about in an old library.


It’s the kind of thing I do.


I like old books and old pamphlets and so on, and one day I was messing about, just wandering about this old library, when something fell to my feet.


That’s right, it fell to my feet.


I looked up, but there was no mystical being up on the top shelf tossing down ancient pamphlets.


There was nothing.


It had simply fell down to my feet by chance.


I looked at the front cover, and then I took the pamphlet home.


Simple as that.


I asked the bloke on the desk if I had to sign it out and he just laughed.


It looked pathetic, I had to admit, so it was no wonder that he thought I was crazy.


At home, I realized that I was holding something that had not been seen for nearly sixty years.


Within it was the answer to all my prayers when it came to the greyhound races.


I did some research, and found out that the 1952 Greyhound System caused quite a storm back in the fifties.


It had betting enthusiasts scrambling to get copies of it.


Then it disappeared.


There were a few copies in existence, but no one knew where they were.


But I had one.


The next day I went to the track and put into action all of the advice the system gave me.


It was really simple stuff, a list of do’s and don’ts for the track.


A literal checklist.


By the end of the night I was two hundred pounds in profit.


The same happened the next day.


And the next.



What’s in it?


I want you to have a copy of this.


I really do.


But I don’t have many copies.


(I’ve only made a small amount).


The system will help you with information like this:


·        Why you should only bet on two and three year old dogs (anything older and your chances of winning are drastically reduced).

·        Why you shouldn’t back favorites in every race.

·        Why not to bet in traps 3 and 4.


Simple, right?


The system is full of stuff like this, and when it is all combined you have a checklist of things to remember when betting.


Remember, £200 in my first night.


This stuff works.


Like I said, I only have a small number of copies.


If you want to have a checklist in your possession that can guarantee you winnings at the track, then get it today.


No one else, by the way, has this system.


I am very lucky to have it.


Lost for sixty years, I am now offering it to you, and just a few others for just £17.



Get it now, before it’s gone…



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