Exclusive Report Reveals:

“How One Man Turned

15p Into 90,000

From Just 1 Bet!”

Betting knowledge like this doesn't come along very often
so who knows when this system will resurface again?


Greetings Reader,

With your permission, I want to send you a short report that details one of the most genuine betting systems you will ever see.

People say that you have to promise outrageous profits to sell betting research.

Instead, I prefer to focus on finding the best and most exciting opportunities.

Here is a way of having a crack at 'Big Win Bets' but with an added safety net.

I assure you it's very simple.

Firstly, accumulators have been around for years and years.

The principle is clear enough...

All you do with an accumulator is bet money at the start of multiple races of your choice.

If you win, the winnings get automatically placed as the next bet.

Money accumulates as you win more and more.

You can eventually end up winning thousands as your stake just keeps on multiplying.

That explains how you can give yourself a chance of achieving 671/1 odds from a 7 point bet.

671/1 Odds From A 7 Point Bet

A little while ago I came across a system that made me sit up and take notice.

It’s a way of giving you a very high chance of wins at monster odds.

It's exciting but it might be frowned upon if you're caught doing it in the bookies.

That’s why I’ve condensed the system rules onto an A4 size page.

Not only that, I'd like to show you how to place other bets alongside the accumulator in order to eliminate the risk without sacrificing the chance for a huge payout.

How to Turn 15p into 90,000

You might have seen this in the news…

A short while ago an unnamed man won 90,000 from just 1 bet.

How did he do this?

Well, it wasn’t by gambling 90,000 on a 50/50 chance that’s for sure.

No, this was achieved by placing just 15p on an accumulator.

It’s true - you can look it up on Google.

Just 15p!

Now, I’m not going to promise that you are going to achieve the same thing.

What I am going to show you is how to harness the same powerful strategy of accumulator betting that led this man to a 90,000 fortune.

But, the difference is that your chances of winning a huge payout will be much higher.

How can you do this? With The A4 System.

Not only that but I’ll show you how to cover your accumulator with extra ‘Safety Bets’.

That alone has got to be worth a look.

This is a really exciting approach to betting and I hope you can be part of it.

Here are some of the reasons why the information inside the report is so good...

  • You will learn the secret to 'insurance' bets that allow you to place accumulators

  • It's a tiny little set of rules that can generate odds of up to 671/1

  • When you want to safeguard your bets, here's how to protect your investment

  • Discover the dirty little secret that bookmakers don't want you to know about

  • Find a genuinely amazing discovery that can turn pennies into pounds

OK, you might be wondering at this point whether I am going to ask you to part with a little money in exchange for this information.

Well yes I am but don't worry because the measly fee at this moment is just 17.

That's peanuts for something so genuine.

The A4 System is a solid piece of betting knowledge and I feel lucky to be able to share it with you.

I'm 100% convinced that you will get as much out of this system as I have and just to be sure, let me offer you this assurance.

If you are not truly satisfied and happy with your new system then I'll give your money back.

But I'm sure that won't even cross your mind after reading it.

Trust me, you'll definitely want to use it.

Thanks for reading,


PS As I mentioned, the A4 System is 60 years old but it remains one of those ways from a generation or two ago that is still relevant today.

PPS It's called the A4 system because the rules fit onto 1 page of A4 paper meaning that you can take it with you to be sure that you are placing the correct bet.

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