“Win £200 From Horse Racing In 7 Days Or Your Money Back!

Dear Racing Enthusiast,

I’ve got an offer for you, one that is set to revolutionize, personally for you, horse racing and the betting that goes along with it.

You’ve probably seen a ton of web pages that offer a similar deal.

After you sign up you try out their systems at home and then realise that the system is useless, and in some cases, even damaging to your wallet.

This system is different and the one thing that makes it more different than anything else out there on the market is the fact that it is possibly the simplest piece of betting ‘system’ work that you will ever see.

What's more, you are guaranteed to see a profit of £200 on paper within a week or you get your money back.

It’s called Betting System Number 6.

There are millions of us out there right now, people who want to get more out of their betting.

That's fair enough.

They, like us, wander through life never completely satisfied - waiting for the one thing that will change their life for the better. And permanently.

I spent many years feeling like this (and to a certain extent I still feel the same way about certain parts of my life) and then I met someone who helped me take control of my life and, more specifically, take control of the way I spent money on betting.

You see, I had spent most of my childhood watching my dad get fleeced by bookies in the shops. He would watch horses race and then throw his betting slip to the floor in a rage when his winner did not fulfil the promise he thought it had.

He had made the big mistake that so many bettors make to this day.

He had believed that betting was all about luck.

Believing that betting is all about luck leaves you open to the one weakness that differentiates the ‘mug’ bettor from the professional bettor.

Mug bettors start to actually believe that they can ‘will’ the wins that they want.

I know this happens because I’ve seen my Dad do it.

Back in his heyday, when he was in the throes of his betting mug life, he would stand there, literally praying that his horse came in.

He wasn't alone; there were lots of men around him who were doing the same thing.

In fact, it was a pretty depressing thing to see.

Back then, I remember thinking that this was no way to make a go at betting.

I didn’t feel like I would ever be standing there praying for a horse to come in. However, the truth, the reality of my life, made it so. I began to believe a lot more than I would look at things rationally.

The Moment of Truth

At one point I was so broke I had no chance of making food appear on my table.

This system that I am about to show to you is one of the reasons why I now have a rather comfortable lifestyle.

Betting systems really are that powerful.

The system is not the first one I used. But it is one of the best.

I have a team of testers you see and they work very closely with me on testing new systems with real bets on real races.

The amazing thing is that we started to turn a profit within days of trying out this particular system.

This is amazing, and totally unique among most systems that we have tested in the past.

Many make money eventually, but not that quick.

After testing the system for a few months, I began to think about the possibilities involved in it.

I soon found out that it had a number of benefits that the bettor would derive from it. These are as follows:

  • The system is ridiculously simple.

  • The system never ever lets you lose your bank, in other words you will not lose the money you started out with.

  • The system makes it very easy to start a routine in betting. In fact, you could even ask a friend to just put money on certain racers in a race, without you even knowing the names of the horses.

  • You can set it and forget it. While this phrase is becoming a cliché, there is actually no other way to run this system. It can literally run itself as long as you supply the money to make the bets.

As I said to my fellow testers, there are only a few questions I need to ask people before they start thinking about taking this system seriously.

Question One:

Do you want to make a regular betting income?

I ask this question because the average bettor wants to win badly but has nothing other than desire. Systems like this allow you to treat betting like a profession, like a career that brings an income.

Question Two:

Do you have a couple of hours a week to spare?

This question is a fun one to ask, because it makes people realise how easy this is. You could spend this amount of time on it, and still make a regular and decent income.

Question Three:

Do you want to change your luck for the better, Permanently?

Everybody answers YES to this question.

Remember - you are guaranteed to see a profit of over £200 within 7 days or you get your money back.


‘Betting System Number 6’

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