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Dear Racing Friend,

There is absolutely, definitely no need to listen to all of those people out there that say there is no way to make money out of betting.

Here is a system, one that works, and one that brings winners every day.

It is simple, effective, and based on common sense.

There is no magic to it, there is no need to take any risks.

This is a system that is going to make you money.

I know, that sounds ridiculously simple, but that is just what it does.

It makes you money, nothing else.

It doesn’t give you sports cars overnight, or a champagne lifestyle in a  week, or any of that outlandish stuff you see so much of on the Internet.

This system just makes money from day one, and then it keeps on making money, every day.

The technique I am talking about involves betting on one horse at a time, avoiding risky bets, and making serious money with betting.


Read On...

Up until now, this system has been kept secret, and for good reason.

I and a few others like me know that anything that works is best kept below the radar, if only to preserve its effectiveness.

My story is simple, one Saturday afternoon a little while ago I thought I would test this system out. I thought I’d give it a go.

I’m just like you, truth be told, I don’t like to be messed about with, and if there is anything that sounds even remotely fantastic, or outlandish, I give it a very wide berth.

For some reason, this particular system grabbed my attention.

So I gave it a shot with a Saturday afternoon bet.

My third bet was a winner and I went on to win £110 in around 90 minutes.

The next day I tried it again and won again, this time to the tune of £130.

I was impressed, and I don’t impress easily.

And when I realised just how much I could win even with a slight increase in my stake amounts.

Later I racked my brains trying to find a catch.

Surely I had been lucky, just one of those things?

However, there was absolutely no way this thing was a one-off.

In fact, it was so simple that even a child could manage it.

Simple, easy, rule following.


The Whole Thing Could Start Today

I can give you all you need to start making money today.

The same kind of success I mentioned earlier can be yours in just a few minutes time.

Like I said, I’m as sceptical as you are when something comes along that promises riches.

But I’m not promising riches.

I’m promising you that you can start making a healthy amount of cash today.

I can’t exaggerate how easy this system is, and I want you to find out more.

I want to show you how to make more money out of your betting today.


Here's How It Works

Well, I recognise your intelligence and your prudence, so I can reassure you that the system is so perfect that you can try it out on a part time basis first, and still make money.

Once you realise that it actually works, it won’t be long before you branch out and think about spreading your bets wider, and of course making serious money.

As regards the initial financial outlay, I’ve mentioned the figure of £100.

This figure is perfect for that first betting experience with this system, because it allows you to make the kind of money that makes betting worthwhile.

I can’t promise you that you won’t back some losing horses, but that’s life, and pretty soon you’ll work the system so well that these will just be anomalies, part of the job.


The Finer Details

I’ve put this thing together because I know that, over the years, I have worked very hard to get this system right and I want to bring it to people like you.

Because you will respect it, you will use it with respect for other bettors, and you will enjoy the long term benefits.

And if you’re worried about there being too many bettors in the sea, remember this: I have seen many people get their hands on this system and give up after just a few minutes because it asks you to follow some rules.

It also asks you to think and concentrate.

Sadly, some people don’t cope with that kind of stuff too well, and they give up.

So your ‘competition’ isn’t anything to worry about.


The Guarantee

Here’s the best part.

I know this system works, and I am so confident in it I’m offering probably the world’s best ever guarantee.

And here it is...

If you use this system, step by step for two weeks and still don’t see the potential to make £300 a week I will happily shake your hand and give you your money back.

It sure beats a few minutes of trying, and I know that you won’t go back after two weeks.


The Cost

It’s only £17 for the next few copies.

That is the price for a system that is perfectly explained, and so effective that it is making ordinary people in the street a decent profit.

No more, no less.

That’s the price for the system to beat them all.

There are many systems out there that are cheaper, but this one is the simplest and it will make your money back almost immediately.

So let’s make some money...


The Technical Stuff

Just for your information, this system has nothing to do with laying horse on the exchanges, trading, arbing, or betting in running.

You don’t have to download any of those ridiculously ugly and scary Excel sheets that make no sense.

You won’t have to bet on more than one horse in any race.

You won’t have to ‘dutch’ (and if you don’t know what that means, from now on you never will).

You don’t have to sit at the computer all day long watching the races.

That won’t be necessary.

In fact, it'll take you, at the most, about 30 minutes to find your bet, and then the rest of the day is yours.


30 Day Money Guarantee

Here’s my personal promise to you: Between now and the next 30 days, either you fall in love with your copy of the “Eliminator Method” or you get a full and prompt refund - This means you can use it risk free for 30 days!

If for any reason at all you change your mind about owning the system; you think your investment of isn’t justifiable; or you’ve just found something better for the money (highly unlikely) - I’ll promptly and courteously refund every penny of your money.

No conditions, no questions asked, and definitely no hard feelings.

You’ll get a full 30 days to test out everything mentioned in the system, and if there’s something you don’t like (even if it’s the colour of the font!) then it is within your rights to an immediate, quibble-free refund.

Even if it’s the 59th minute of the 23rd hour of the 30th day.

And, as a way of showing my appreciation for taking the time to test drive my methods and techniques, I’ll let you keep your copy FOREVER (whether you ask for a refund or not) - just for having faith in me. That’s how confident I am in this betting system.


It’s Up To You

So, it’s your call.

Either give up on this and lose out on the chance, or you can take charge right now.

This won’t happen again.

There are not many systems that is so easy to use, so lucrative, and so easy on your time.


Don’t Lose Out

This system has full copyright; it has only sold a handful of copies before.

You will be one of the select few.

And I know you aren’t a quitter, so you won’t be one of those who throws this away after five minutes.

Come on, let’s make some money.


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