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Have you been using time-worn, complicated methods for choosing and betting on horses to win?


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This isn't a new system but it was new to me and has been greatly improved by a man who continues to make some hefty cash betting on horses.

In its infancy, the Red Hot System was very time consuming but it brought some fantastic results for the author, a true statistics and systems man.


He was pleased with the profits he was able to rake in with this system, but he was convinced there had to be an easier way.

In its original form, the system took more time than he wanted to commit.

Despite its shortcomings, the interesting thing about this system is that it did something other systems didn't.


It survived the test of time.


It was profitable when it was first designed and it continued to be so.

You know how important it is for such a system to be repeatable when tested on new results and not just on old ones.


For this reason, he ran his own tests on the Red Hot System.


When he got good results, he decided to try it out in the real world.


To his amazement, he was able to profit with almost every bet.

The main problem with the original Red Hot System was that it was too time consuming.


The author modified the system to make it much less complicated and more efficient.


It's also helpful if you just don't have the time to make your own selections, as it will pretty much give you everything on a silver platter.

The author continues to earn a good income from this system, but of course everyone is different because we all make our own choices.


And that's where the Red Hot System excels. It makes losing almost impossible.


After tweaking it to perfection, he ran more tests that soon proved that profits could be made much faster and with fewer bests.

This new system requires a mere 15-20 minutes a day to activate, resulting in a "set it and forget it" horse betting method.

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