The Single Most Influential Betting System Of ALL TIME!


Dear Racing Friend,

The system I'm about to share with you was created many years before the Internet.

There was no broadband then.

No instant figures on horses with websites that allowed you to check form in seconds.

The system, which was all about close checking and monitoring of data, must have been excruciatingly difficult to master back in the forties and fifties.

What about today?

  • You have the Internet.

  • You have mobile Internet.

  • You have your own research library anywhere you go.

Everything is so easy now.

All the work you need to do to make sure you make money from betting within a matter of minutes is right there at your fingertips.

And the system is here, in this report.

Put the two together (System + Research) and you have a dynamic and super efficient tool for gaining profit.

It’s not a big report, it doesn’t waffle.

Instead, it just tells you the truth about how to find winners.

Right now - here are the top 3 things that successful punters might be studying...

  • FORM - assessing both recent and long-term.

  • CLASS - weighing up each individual horse against its previous opponents.

  • PEDIGREE - looking at the stock it came from.

Of course, it's far more complicated than I am making out here.

It takes years to learn how to collect, interpret and use all this information but with enough information, ANY event can be predicted to some degree of accuracy.

The more information available, the more accurate the prediction will become.

But who has time to look at:

  • The Distance Of The Race

  • The Number Of Runners

  • The Condition Of The Horse

  • The Type Of Race

  • The Weights

  • The Course

  • The Jockeys' Form

  • The Owners' Buying Record

  • The Going

  • The Weather Conditions

  • The Betting Forecast

  • The Trainers' Form

  • The Horses' Form

  • The Horses' Speed Figures

  • Tipsters Advice

  • The Steamers And Drifters

  • The Horses' Experience

  • The Changes In Class

Who has time to research and then analyze all of this information?

It could take days.

By that time the race is over and you are forced to move onto the next.

Besides, how do you know WHICH race to look at first?

Well, that's where professional expertise comes in.

The system that I'm presenting to you today is one of the very best and lays it all out in a few easy steps.

It's Exciting, Time Tested and Very Satisfying

Here's the thing...

You know that you could have made a substantial amount of money from betting if you had made the right choices.

It's very frustrating continuing to dish out money for betting products, tips and services whilst getting nothing in return.

It's time for some real BETTING KNOW HOW.

This system can help you become more successful in choosing winning horses.

Tips you can use forever include:

  • Why you should only look at a CERTAIN AMOUNT of horses in the race.

  • How to READ FORM PROPERLY and compare that against others in the race.

  • Why PRIZE MONEY is so important when choosing a race to bet on.

The average punter usually places bets on horses that are hyped up by the media.

Yet statistically these types of horses often end up losing.

Most punters don’t even notice as they’ve already been convinced that horse will win.

You MUST Set Yourself Apart From Other Punters

If you want to win big you can’t use the media to determine a good priced winner.

You will need to consider other factors.

How can you possibly learn all of these factors?

The answer to that question can be found within the pages of 'The Legend Of Van Der Wheil'.

No more excuses as to why you can’t place a winning bet.

You can benefit from information including:

  • A QUICK way to determine a horses ABILITY - one of the major factors.

  • How to tell when a horse has been HANDICAPPED favourably.

  • How to piece together the JIGSAW of information to help you find a WINNER.

That's just some of the things you'll learn and why I'm really excited to be able to bring this to you.

Take this opportunity to discover the power of the VDW system for yourself.

There is no other betting system like it.

Click the button below to download the Legend Of Van Der Wheil Betting System for just 17.

P.S. In case the system presented here is not for you, you can claim a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase. This is a RISK FREE order.

P.P.S. When you order this exciting method you must agree to the terms and conditions which stipulate that you will not e-mail, fax or communicate this system to anyone else.


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