Why Some People Almost Always Make Money From Gambling


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Dear Friend,


Did you know that there are hundreds of men and women all over the UK quietly making a good amount of extra cash from gambling? However, they are all very selective about how they go about it.


They don’t just gamble on any event, or use any old system or method.


They have extensively researched the whole industry, talked to people “in the know”, tested and tweaked methods and ideas, in fact performed every safety check to ensure at the end of each year they finish in profit.


How do I know? Because one of them contacted me asking if I would consider offering something called ‘A Both Codes System’ to my customers.


His name was John and he explained that this system was one that covers  non-handicap races under both codes with the exception of 2-year old races. Its aim is to back horses in the 6/1 to 10/1 bracket, in races of between 8 and 10 runners.


What you look for are races that look according to the betting forecast as two horse races, races that may have an odds-on first favourite and a very short second favourite but the third favourite is a minimum of 6-1, this is the one to back each-way.


He went on to say that over a season, he has always finished with at least £1,000 profit from this system alone.


To say I was sceptical at this point would be an understatement. You see I don’t know a thing about horse racing, I’ve never bet…. apart from the odd £1 on the National, and had always believed only the bookies make money from horse racing.


Anyway, I asked him if he was prepared to send me full details so that I could test it myself using imaginary stakes.


At this point, I thought I wouldn’t hear from him again, but true to his word, his system arrived the very next day.


My first impression was that it seem a very basic system, you followed this, look for that, ignored them, and staked your money on what was left.


My first attempt produced a loss, “here we go again”, I said to myself, “another rubbish betting system”.


I stuck with it, and the next day, it produced a £4.60 profit, not a great deal I grant you, but a profit none the less.


What’s more, I continued with my imaginary stakes for a full 6 weeks and when I looked at my figures, I couldn’t quite believe it.


A Profit of £156.00


Over the 6 week period, the system showed an average of 60% profit from the winning bets, the worst run was 4 days with no winners, and the best run was 8 winning days.


From my imaginary stake of £5.00 per bet, I would have won £156.00 in total. I know it isn’t much, but from an initial £5.00 stake, it’s more than impressive.


At this point, I know I had something which others would be very interested in. Even if you started with a fiver, you could expect to turn it into £100.00+ per month.


This got me thinking, if this system really did work, then there must be other systems about that make a steady, consistent profit from the horses, and other events such as the dogs, football, even Bingo and the Lottery.


A Complete U-Turn


Now this is a complete about-turn by me. In the past I was always wary about so-called systems, and believed that the bookies always came out on top, and if you bet on an event, you might as well just throw your money away.


However, since I started to look much more closely, there were a number of things that I hadn’t realised that could actually be used in our favour when betting.


For example, did you know that you can increase your chances of winning from racing by only betting on certain races, held at certain meetings and on certain days.


The bookie has to offer bets for every race meeting, so the wise gamblers can literally pick and choose when to place a bet. This gives us a huge advantage.


I was so determined to find other methods and systems that I got back in touch with John and asked if he had any others that have equally proved successful for him.


To my amazement he did, in fact he’d been collecting them for over 30 years. Some go back twenty or thirty years but are still as successful as ever. Some are much more recent, but as John explained, they all produce a steady return every week.


Not only did he have systems for horse racing, but he also had a couple of systems that’ll help you win regularly from football betting.


He’s also moved onto betting occasionally on the dogs, and has a few systems that increase your chances of winning the lottery by a huge margin.


I told John that I would like to share all his systems with my customers, and at first he laughed at my suggestion, pointing out that he had spent 30 years putting his collection together.


   However, over the course of a few months, I managed (with a little help from some cash) to persuade him to share his most powerful strategies, techniques, tips, ideas and systems for succeeding in betting with others. I’ve bundled them altogether and called them The Book Of Systems.


Handsome Rewards


It doesn’t matter what kind of betting you are most interested in, you’ll find The Book Of Systems has something for you. So whether it is horse racing, the dogs, football fixed odds, football correct score, the lottery or even bingo, you can rest assured that this book will pay handsome rewards.


I’ve already given copies to friends and family and they have all been very impressed with the contents. I had to be 100% sure of the systems before giving them to others as I certainly didn’t want to look like a fool if they didn’t work.


If you are a keen gambler, an occasional gambler or a complete novice this book will be of huge interest to you.


For instance, you’ll learn:


ü  Why a horse’s weight is important when making your selection


ü  Why you shouldn’t ignore two year olds in races


ü  The greatest value-for-money system available


ü  Why concentrating on races that feature 6 or 12 runners pays dividends


ü  How to win the placepot more often


ü  How newspapers can increase your winnings considerably


ü  Why backing certain favourites can prove very profitable


ü  Why Saturdays and bank holidays are some of the best days for betting


ü  A greyhound system that was only know to a few of the professionals


ü  How to play the football fixed odds for great returns


ü  How to win regularly from football correct scores


ü  The greatest lottery plans that’ll increase your chances of winning ‘the big one’ dramatically


ü  How to win more often playing Bingo


and much more…..


Every system has been fully tried and tested by John over the years, and before I was happy to include it within the book, I tested it myself. What I’ve now got on my desk are the greatest gambling systems of all time.


And you don’t even need to know anything about sports

betting to get involved. Each system comes with clear and

specific instructions of what to do and when to do it.


You’ll be putting the systems into action within days of receiving the book, every system can be ‘dry’ tested before committing cash. Read about the system, make your selections, and then place ‘paper bets’. Monitor the results for a period of days until you are completely satisfied that each system will show a long term profit, and only then commit your hard earned cash.


One Word of Caution


Like any investment, there will be losing days, so if you don’t have money to spare that you can afford to lose, then this book is not for you. I’ve spent months putting this book together and to do the book justice, I only want it to go to people who have a bit of money to use, are disciplined and understand the nature of gambling.


If this sounds like you, then I couldn’t recommend a better investment that what I have in front of me.


You’ll discover the secrets of extracting regular tax-free cash profits from gambling opportunities, that’ll give you just a little more financial freedom for you and your family.


It’s very important to point out that you’ll not make a fortune from the systems, but if you are interested in making £100.00 per week from a small initial investment then it’s ideal for you.


To order The Book Of Systems is very easy. Simply click the payment button, direct to my publisher and they’ll send you the full book of systems straight away.


Just £47



I very much look forward to introducing you to the greatest betting systems of all time.



Very best regards,



Robert Evans



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