“The Banker System Shows You How To Win When They Lose”

Dear Betting Enthusiast,

If you believe you can't make money laying the losers, perhaps this will convince you.

Whether you're into horse racing or just starting, the method I'm about to share with you will help you to make money.

I am amazed at how well this works.

The system has one major advantage over all the other systems that have been released onto the market over the past few years.

That advantage is that it already works.

I became so frustrated with my lack of success when it came to betting, I decided to do something about it.

Now, when we get frustrated about our luck with the races, we tend to promise ourselves that we will do something about it.

We're very good at that, as it happens.

A few years ago, I set up the Handicap Banker System.

It worked well, and brought profits that put all the other betting systems to shame.

We're talking a winning run of 24.

And a massive strike rate of 73%.

So, good times for us then.

But we soon became frustrated again; the system took too long to run, so I changed it.

The new version, which you can get your hands on, can bring you profits on just 15 minutes work a day.

First, consider how the bookmaker operates.

If he were only able to profit from the winners, he'd lose more often than he'd win.

Instead, he wins on every single loser in every race.

So in an 8-horse race, he wins on 7 of them.

That's what this system teaches you.

How to win more often.

"The Banker System" teaches you how to pick the losers and still make money.

In fact, by knowing which losers to pick you cannot fail to make money.

Behind this approach is the evolution of conventional betting methods.

It allows the average punter like you and me to lay bets by offering odds to other punters.

That's what the bookmakers do so well.

They manipulate the odds in such a way that they are guaranteed to make a certain per cent profit on every race.

The method you'll learn about in "The Banker System" makes it easy for you to match bet by 'lay' betting.

When your horse loses, you win.

Simple, and I especially like this system because of all the perks.

If you're like me you'll really appreciate being able to keep 100 per cent of the money you win.

Not many income-generating systems are tax free today.

Fact is, you don't even have to use real money to test out the system to see how and if it works.

Once you've learned the ropes and placed a few successful bets, you can feel confident that you actually can win.

Another perk is that this system is easy to understand.

You don't need any prior knowledge whatsoever to make it work for you.

Believe me when I tell you that if I can do it, so can you.

There are so many appealing factors to this method that it's difficult to turn away.

This information has made a huge difference in the way I lay bets.

It's taught me how to manipulate the odds so that I win far more often than I ever did before.

Learning about how Betfair works has been a huge bonus.

They take care of the bets to ensure I get credit for my winning losers.

This system makes the process so simple.

When all is said and done, this is one great package.

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