Are You Still Wasting Money on Betting Tips (Without Anything to Show for It?)


Dear Racing Friend

This system will quickly show you how you can make real money from horse race betting.

If you've been betting for any amount of time, you will have tried many systems.

The Psychic System is one of the most accessible and easiest to use systems you will ever see.

Ensuring that you create an income from horse race betting IS POSSIBLE but before that happens, you must know this...


You will lose...

That's right, you will lose when you bet.

This is one of those great barriers to a successful career in betting.

So many promising bettors start their career off expecting to learn the ropes and then as soon as it becomes apparent that they will lose money on a regular basis, they get down and throw it all away.

Then they tell their friends that they were unlucky or that betting is a game for losers only.


If only they knew...

You see, the thing about losing is this: you are going to lose and losing is just a part of winning.

If you didn't lose, ever, then betting would have to be stopped, worldwide.

How could bookies make money if people could never lose?

And if bookies can't make money, they close.

No bookies means no betting industry, so it is in all the bettor's best interests that they lose regularly.

I'll qualify this a bit more...

The sad truth is that horses are not governed by any special laws or rules.

There are one or two rules that can predict most of the outcomes of a horse race (you're going to read about one of these in this report) but we are not yet at a stage where we can predict the outcome of all races.

The Psychic System is one of those systems that can predict many of the outcomes of a series of races, but that is as far as it goes.

The entire premise of The Psychic System and any other successful system is that it keeps you playing even when you are losing.

This is because the system is focused in long term wins.

Long term winning, and long term play in general, is how bettors become successful.

The very best bettors know that, eventually, everybody wins a race.

Knowing this, and knowing that this is part of a cycle that repeats itself, is why people can make a living out of betting.

So one thing you have to realise when you start using this system is that you will face times when you will lose money.

Virtual Betting...

This is a key aspect of any successful system.

When you first start to use The Psychic System, ensure that you bet virtual.

All this means is that you watch the races you would bet in and you mentally place your bet without investing any money.

I want you to do this so that you can bet with confidence later in your betting career.

If you have many experiences of betting and winning then you to feel more confident later on when you are betting for real.

Another great feature about betting virtually is that you will be able to deal with the fact that you are losing money without the added stress of actually losing it, if you know what I mean.

Having the losses happen can seriously deter promising bettors from sticking at it and making a real go of betting for real.

The Psychic System...

What you have to remember here is that it is perfectly feasible to expect big profits in time.

But it would be remiss of me to suggest that you are going to make fantastic amounts of money quickly.

You have to play the long game here.

The very best bettors who use this system play one particular rule at the very start.

What they do is play small stakes, so that they can easily build up profit over time without too much risk.

Once they have been playing for some time with these small stakes, they should be able to save up enough money to play for bigger stakes, and therefore gain a lot more in the long run.

This way they donít lose out too much and those first few weeks are not too stressful.

This is also fitting when we consider that we are expecting you to have a career out of betting.

Playing long term in this way makes it a career option, you start small then build up your expertise.

Risk-Free And 100% Guarantee For 60 Full Days.


The next step...

Follow the rules and make sure that you do everything that the system asks you to do.

If you do this, then there is a certainty that you will make money off this system.

If you do not follow the system outlined  earlier in this report, then you cannot reasonably say that you have tried the system.

The best of the people who use this system are walking away with bigger and better profits.

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