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Q - Is the Vampire System any good?

A - Yes, it's awesome. I guarantee you will be very impressed.

Q - Can I use the Vampire System all year round?

A - Yes, you can use this system ANY time of the year.

Q - Is the Vampire System a backing system or a laying system?

A - It is both a backing system and a laying system. Depending on the odds.

Q - If the Vampire System works so well, why sell it?

A - The truth is, the market is so big that extra people using it wont affect my profits.

Q - Will the Vampire System make me rich?

A - Well it won't make you poor - guaranteed.

Q - Does the Vampire System use the win or place market?

A - It uses the win market on Betfair to bet for or against a particular horse.

Q - What is the average profit per month for the Vampire System?

A - During testing, this system gave an average profit of 27 points per month.

Q - What are the average odds for the Vampire System?

A - The average odds of a bet using the system are roughly 1.8.

Q - How many bets per day does the Vampire System provide?

A - On average the system gives you 4.5 bets per day.

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