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Dear Online Friend,

The opportunity to make quick cash in a hurry has never been easier.

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Shouldn't you be next?

Follow this system to the letter and you will!

I know you've probably looked around the Internet and seen the thousands of offers.

Maybe you've even signed up for some.

There are many horrible systems out there that just don't work.

I can empathize with you.

I've also been there.

It's hard to figure everything out.

  • Which program do you go with?
  • What do you need to learn in order to start?
  • How do you create a monthly income for yourself?

There are hundreds of programs that promise riches without doing any work.

They just tell you to promote their products and collect a cheque.

Don't get me wrong, if done right, you can make some initial money this way

But you'll have to PAY for advertising to generate those sales upfront.

However, when you own your very own product, people will send visitors to you.

From there, you can build an opt-in list of people you can follow-up with over and over again.

How good does that sound?

You'll Be Able To Create Cash On Demand!

Many of the products, courses, DVD sets, etc. on the market make things much more complicated than they really are!

I'm sure you've seen the programs out there that costs thousands of pounds that tell you "It's really hard to make it online but if you buy my program I'll teach you how"...


Creating a successful business on the Internet is not hard and it does not require thousands of pounds of investment capital to get started.

Putting together an online business also isn't a long, complicated, drawn out process.

It's actually quite easy if you just follow the simple, to the point process I have outlined for you in this guide.

You won't have to buy thousands of pounds of additional tools or products to get up and running either.

Most other courses are half content and half sales pitch!

You don't need all that other rubbish.

You're Going To Get A System To Start Creating Profits!

You'll be able to start seeing results in your own Internet based business in as little as a couple of weeks.

That's with less than an hour of time invested each day!

I know you're pressed for time so this system was designed to allow you to work as little as 30 minutes a day!

You can even break it up...three, ten minute sessions or two, fifteen minute sessions.

Whatever fits into your schedule.

However, the more time you put in the more money you will make.

Any other opportunity you find will say that you need to invest dozens of hours weekly to start seeing results.

But that's just absolutely not necessary.

You're going to get a system that's broken down into the "only profitable" activities for maximum effect.

In order to work around your life, you need a system that meets the 3 following rules...

  • Is step-by-step & easy to follow!
  • Only requires 30 minutes a day to start seeing profits!
  • Doesn't cost hundreds or thousands of pounds to operate!

Those are the exact 3 elements that went into the 500 in 7 Days System.

It really is easy and cheap to do and only requires a small investment of your time.

Everything you could want in a system for starting a profitable web business is here for you.

You're transformation to successful entrepreneur will be not only a fun one but a truly fulfilling experience!

So What Are You Going To Learn?

This amazing guide was written after speaking with dozens of successful online business owners.

We have organized their exact systems into an easy to follow, complete system for making money online.

Anything that was unnecessary or failed for them was cut out completely.

Then the successful parts where analyzed and prioritized by what was:

  • Easiest to do!
  • Required the least amount of time!
  • And didn't cost an arm and a leg!

After this rigorous process of elimination what was left was a blueprint for making this system pay.

This all new manual will bring you...

A Completely Easy-To-Do Systematic Blueprint For Success!

If you've read this far, I know two things about you.

You are serious about starting your own online based business.

And you are tired of all the hype pitches that have been thrown at you on the Internet.

You are ready to take action and spend the simple 30-60 minutes a day required for you to succeed online.

I congratulate you for taking more action than 99% of all other people on the Internet.

If you're willing to put in just a little effort and time into your financial future, success WILL be yours!

I've made sure that it's super easy for you to follow this step-by-step blueprint for making a living online.

You don't have to worry about learning complicated software or anything else.

Why You Need To Start Right Now...

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